May 16-18, 2014 

Several ideas here are possible. I can see...

  1. a model dressed in business attire like she's getting ready for work and pouring her coffee with her purse on the island and iPad etc.
  2. a model wearing her sleep shirt with "morning hair" drinking her coffee looking out the window with a soft look and softer lighting.
  3. a guy cooking on the stove (this could be harder to pull off but maybe worth it)
  4. a girl in her underwear - something soft and sexy at night at the fridge looking for a late night snack. I could put my flash inside the fridge and let that be the light that illuminates her.
  5. a young kid going out the back door there would be pretty cool
  6. a young kid eating a bowl of cereal

Living Room

I can see....

  1. a girl either lying on the sofa with a book.
  2. a girl lying on the hardwoods with a book.
  3. an editorial idea sitting in the wooden chair.


Ideas for this room...

  1. a model taking a bath in the tub
  2. a model showering. The way the wall is constructed it could be possible to hide certain parts of the girl. I am not sure on this one how to do it or if it's worth trying.

Bathroom II


  1. a girl in her underwear (this could vary from conservative boxers/tshirt to lace panties and bra) applying makeup and wet hair with a towel? 



  1. a girl lying in the grass on a towel in her swimsuit getting sun; wearing shades; hair up; iPhone earbuds; a drink in her hand (since Lauren Ledford is doing this maybe her jar of juice? ha)