Recent Studio Photos

I like to keep my studio skills sharp so there are periods where I will push myself and shoot as much in the studio as possible with as many different models as I can find with which to it's freaking hot outside in Alabama in July!






Alexandra was one of 3 models that was on a client shoot for a local boutique and since I knew of her already I decided we should shoot some studio fashion portraits for some creative work.


Amy is just a sweet girl with a great look and delivers some really fun portraits everytime we shoot. I enjoyed experimenting with a more hard light source on these. I'm still trying to perfect that look, though. 

Beauty Photo With Paint

I have always wanted to just try to do this idea. I've seen it done in many ways (as I'm sure you have also seen) so I found a willing participant in Anna Kathryn who is a model for Ursula Wiedmann Model Management from Atlanta to let me try it.  I decided to set up a couple of lighstands (I actually used my background stands) and A-clamp a drop cloth to it for the back ground. A friend of mine is a painter so she had plenty of authentic drop-cloths for this. I used a pack of craft paint bought from a hobby store that was labelled as washable (water based) and once the backdrop was in place I dipped a brush in each color, reminded Anna to close her eyes and I then splattered her with color.

Did we get stares? Sure. Here's a behind the scenes pic of Chad holding the light and where and how we setup the shoot.

Anna Kathryn

It is always a pleasure to shoot with a model for her/his portfolio and Anna Kathryn was no exception. I knew that she would be professional even though she is only 16 (I could tell from our communication and planning) and give us both images we can use. AK works with the beautiful Ursula Wiedmann out of Atlanta, GA. Please check our her incredible pool of talent at

I always want to continue practicing my craft while refining my style with lighting and composition but also to learn new things. What I have noticed from Atlanta-based models is how very little they have in their portfolios of lifestyle images (happy and smiling). The majority of what they have is editorial and fashion and when they seek me out they know they will get lifestyle images and I will definitely make them smile and not always have that fierce expression.

For those who are interested to know....I used a speedlight inside a reflected softbox camera right held by my assistant. It's always tricky to get that right amount of light on a face without it becoming "strobey" looking.  Photographers know what I mean.  I really like my new Yongnuo speedlights and the commander trigger that allows me to adjust the output and the zoom myself if I want to without having to burden my assistant.

As far as the look I wanted, I worked with Anna Kathryn's mother to style her this way: youthful. Converse sneakers were a must and of course skinny jeans and some simple graphic T. I chose a highschool bleacher for the setting to add to the feeling that she really is 16.

Ok, so this is a tad editorial. I helped to direct the styling for this. I knew a western style hat would work well with a denim shirt but I thought a braid would be something unique. Anna Kathryn did the rest with her posing and experience in facial expressions. No fear with her.

Lighting...giant octobox outside the cab read window (over her right shoulder) on a light stand in the middle of the dirt road pumping light in to wash the cab with light.  Again, trying to keep it looking naturally lit.

I was back on the youth orientation for this.  Baseball shirts are always cool and AK can pull it off and the fedora added a lot. She is a professional and when I asked her to give me the peace signs she readily indulged me! We were riding down a country road when I saw this building and the American flag so we stopped and started shooting.