Women doing either crossfit or bodybuilding is super popular these days. Unless you are into the sport or never look at Facebook you may not be aware of the popularity of NPC competitions. My house is across the street from the high school's football stadium and track where my friend Greg trains a large group of women that compete in figure competitions. Greg must be a great guy because he has a lot of girls (one girl that travels from Georgia - 3 hours drive one way) running, climbing stadium stairs and other torturous looking exercises. I went out there one morning to watch and Greg never raises his voice which surprised me because it is run like a bootcamp - he just motivates them with quiet talking and positive motivation and everyone just does the work he prescribes. A lot of the girls have personal stories of how they transformed their bodies from one extreme to the other. Rachel has some big biceps and they aren't because she has her hands up all day in her job as a hairstylist.

When I shoot a portrait I can get geeked out on the technical side of things and stay in that mindset. And the technical side is important but it's a different skill to get your subject to relax and have fun. Genuine smiles are hard to beat so always have your finger on the shutter!